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  • What do you do when you want a special occasion -- one that you have dreamed about forever, one in which every detail is captured with the utmost of love and care so that the memories will linger long after the event is over -- to coincide with the destination that provides so much on its own that you could spend a lifetime here? You come to Italy. And you get inspired and do 'As the Romans Do".

    Coliseum Bride

    Rome and Italy have so many charms that it is difficult to list them all -- a wonderful climate that is hospitable to activities and events the entire year; warm, charming people who have an instinct for graciousness and an eye to make everyday things as beautiful as the indisputable art that inspires them; and fascinating places that form a backdrop to everything you do in the Eternal City, to blend perfectly with your own special occasion so well that you begin to think that the monuments and world class works of art and architecture were a stage made just for you.

    When a wedding, anniversary, honeymoon, or long-awaited celebration is looming large in your life, think about Rome as a natural setting for your event -- with directors, Diane Epstein and her photographic team, and Alan Epstein, the author of "As the Romans Do" as your natural hosts and private guides. We can make your event one that you will remember and talk about for years to come.

    As treasured keepsakes you can have wedding albums, websites, slideshows, images created from the photographs taken in and around Rome for your own home, as well as collages or works of FRESCO PHOTOGRAPHY as gifts for the bride and groom. Whether indoors in an elegant seventeenth-century palazzo, or outdoors in a country garden, the setting, the food, the gaiety, and the memories will all coincide to provide you with an opportunity to be the recipient of the Roman genius at organizing a party.

    There are options to fit every budget. All your desires can be discussed and taken care of by Destination Italy: As the Romans Do. Find out why Italy is the land of ceremonies, and why Rome is the capital of that land. Discover how you and your loved ones can be photographed in this splendid city, complete with monuments, piazzas, romantic streets and alleys, exquisitely-prepared food, and much more -- to make your wedding, anniversary, honeymoon, or special occasion truly unforgettable, truly something you -- along with those closest to you -- will cherish forever.

    We also arrange photography and tours in wineries in Tuscan, Umbria, and other beautiful countryside destinations near Rome for the honeymoon couple or for the entire party.

    E-mail Us at DESTINATION HONEYMOONS - As the Romans Do and let us know what you have in mind for your event in Rome or Italy, and see how we can make your dreams come true.

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