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“Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals -- career, personal or, most often, both." -- Newsweek

Diane Epstein, M.A., has helped hundreds of artists, seekers and travelers in probing their creative temperament. She has witnessed many remarkable transformations in her clients' lives and work. A noted photographer and Master's-level counselor, Diane has conducted a private practice for a variety of clients since 1983 (and in Rome since 1995). She offers coaching sessions in person and by telephone from anywhere in the world, and facilitates workshops and retreats in Rome and the Italian countryside, as well as the USA and other parts of Europe.

Open your mind and make long-lasting shifts in personal, career, and creative expression
Find solutions using talent you already have, connecting inner purpose and passion to outer goals and tasks
Deal with life challenges as opportunities and allow the natural process to give you insight into your life situation
Use your imagination to your advantage, learn to express true desires in a positive way, set priorities and focus on what's important
Think “outside the box”, take yourself away from your normal, (often hectic), habitualized environment
Unleash creative energy and feel more love and joy in your life
Bring about more freedom and choice, allowing room for greater flexibility
Increase confidence, learn to take more risks, choose courage and action over fear, habit and safety
Set goals, take more decisive action, make better decisions and more fully use your natural strengths
Let go of control and find a greater sense of peace and harmony

Summon the Spirit of Your Creative Self

Make your life a work of art on this journey of discovery. This inspiring workshop calls upon introspection, collaboration, discussion and guided exercises to awaken the visionary within. Facilitated by acclaimephotographer and therapist, Diane Epstein, it seeks to open the mind's eye, coax long-held dreams to life and banish self-sabotaging habits. This gathering promises to call forth the playful, insightful and daring elements of the Creative Self, not for a weekend, but for a lifetime.

In the heart of ancient Rome, in a 1700's palazzo hidden behind the Forum, in the neighborhood of Monti, we'll bring our drawing pads, cameras, journals - and our venturing artistry - as we visit the Palatino and other areas of the centro storico. Immersed in Rome's hidden alleyways, ancient ruins, marketplaces, and piazzas, we'll encounter the Muse in the exotic as well as the commonplace. Each day we'll explore distinctive tools of nurturing creativity - from visualization and spontaneous drawing and writing to photography and artistic expression. Participants will investigate the mystery of 'multi-dimensional art', the spontaneity of collage, the natural ingenuity of storytelling - and, most notably, the joys of the culinary arts.

Don't miss this unforgettable lesson in the art of transcendent living.

Retreats in the Italian Countryside

Think about all the amazing breakthroughs that can happen when you dedicate a few days or a week to exploring your creative potential, communicating more clearly and learning how to realize your dreams in a beautiful, tranquil setting.

We will do various experiential exercises, enjoying the company and inspiration of other like-minded individuals, eating healthy foods and getting out into the fresh air, designing our "dream" life as we live together in an "ideal" setting for a weekend or a week.

Please e-mail us to find out more about a customized workshop, seminar or retreat you would like to set up with your private group or company.

Ask about organizing a workshop for your private group in Italy or the USA.

Diane Epstein offers assistance for people with personal, family, work and health/self esteem related issues and challenges, and those wanting to attain more satisfaction in their personal, creative and professional lives. Diane founded The California Institute for Healthy Living in 1979, developing stress management programs for organizations and businesses, and has conducted workshops, seminars and retreats around the world. Diane has been profiled in national and international magazines and has appeared on several TV programs, including the Oprah Winfrey Show.


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"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now." Goeth






































































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