Bestselling book on Rome Italy
Bestselling book on Rome Italy



International Schools & Universities

Rome International Schools, Directory of Schools, & Universities in Rome

International Schools in Rome:
Elementary - High School



Ambrit Rome International, via Filippo Tajani 50,
(zip 00149) Rome
tel. 06-5595305 fax 06-5595309

Ambrit Rome International

Core International School, via Orvino 20, )zip 00199) tel: 06211614 fax: 06-862-11614

Castelli International School, via degli Scozzesi, 13 (zip 00046) GrottaferrataMail:

Rome Britannia International School
via Ernesto Parisi, 11 (zip 00134) Rome
tel: 06-71354252 fax: 06-50938084

Rome International School, viale Romania 32
(zip 00197) Rome tel: 06-844-82651 fax: 06-844-82653

Greenwood Garden School (2 thru 6 years age), via Vito Sinisi 5, (zip 00189) Rome tel. 0-33266703 fax 06-33266703

Kendale Primary International School, via Gradoli 86, (zip 00189) Rome
tel. 06-33267608 fax 06-33267608

Marymount International School, via di Villa Lauchli 180, (zip 00191) Rome tel.06-3629101 fax 06-36301738


Saints Francis & Claire International School, via Massimi 164, (zzip 00136) Rome
tel: 0635341328 fax: 06-353-48719
Saint Francis

Socrate Bilingual School, via Casale San Nicola 150, (zip 00123) Rome
tel. 06-308909081 fax 06-30895502

Southlands English School, via Teleclide 20, (zip 00124) Rome
tel. 06-5053932 fax 06-50917192


St. George's International School, via Cassia - La Storta, (zip 00123) Rome
tel. 06-3086001 fax 06-30892490
St George's

St. Stephen's School, via Aventina 3, (zip 00153) Rome
tel. 06-5750605 fax 06-5741941

The American Overseas School of Rome,
via Cassia 811, (zip 00189) Rome
tel. 06-334381 fax 06-33262608


The New School, via della Camilluccia 669, (zip 00135) Rome
tel. 06-3294269 fax 06-3297546
New School


Directory of International Schools in Rome

The Rome International School Directory is published biennially by the Rome International Schools RISA Association as a service to families seeking suitable schools for their children in Rome. Includes information on school age range, curriculum, exams, and location of the schools.

Universities in Rome

American University of Rome, via Pietro Roselli 4, (zip 00153) Rome
tel. 06-58330919 fax 06-58330992
Offering degrees in Business Administration, International Relations and Communications.

College Consortium for Int'l Studies, via Pietro Roselli 4, (zip 00153) Rome
tel. 06-58330919 fax 06-58330992

College of Staten Island, via Pietro Roselli 4, (zip 00153) Rome
tel. 06-58330919 fax 06-58330992

European School of Economics, largo Nazareno 15, (zip 00187) Rome
tel. 06-6780503 fax 06-6780293

Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, via A. Algardi 19, (zip 00152)
tel. 06-5817036 fax 06-5809306

John Cabot University, via della Lungara 233,
(zip 00165) Rome
tel. 06-6819121 fax 06-6832088
Specializing in Art History, Business Administration, and Political Science.

Loyola University of Chicago, via Massimi 114/A, (zip 00136) Rome tel. 06-355881 fax 0635588352

Rhode Island School of Design, piazza Cenci 56, (zip 00186) Rome tel. 06-68802490 fax 066875848


St. John's University, via Santa Maria Mediatrice 22/24, (zip 00165) Rome
tel. 06-636937 fax 06636901


Temple University Rome Lungotevere A. da Brescia 15, (zip 00196) Rome.
tel. 06-3202808 fax 063202583

The Trinity College/Rome Campus

University of Notre Dame, via Monterone 76, (zip 00186) Rome
tel. 06-6864320 fax 066864320











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