Bestselling book on Rome Italy
Bestselling book on Rome Italy

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Tour Testimonials

\"As the Romans Do"

Contact Julian Epstein to have an enthusiastic insider guide you through the charming streets of Rome

"Dear Julian,

Alex and I are sitting here in our apartment and reflecting on what a lovely day we had with you. It was easy, relaxed, and we saw so many areas/things that we wouldn't have noticed-- or, more accurately, have known to notice!
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Your father would be proud!

Karen Gonsul and Alex Bennett
Seattle, Washington

"Kay & I really enjoyed the tour. I certainly appreciated your insight into the Italian culture and all the cool things we got to see that we never would have otherwise."

Kay and Ryan Gerstner
President - Prime Insurance Agency, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri Area

"Thank you so much for the awesome tour. My mom said it was the best tour she'd been on, and she's traveled with students many, many times!

If I'm in Rome again sometime I'll be sure to let you know!"

Lucy Sinacola
Investment Bank Analyst at The Presidio Group LLC
San Francisco Bay Area

"Julian, you made the trip for us! Thanks for the wonderful stories and building the context visiting all the sites."

Stacey Katharine Sotirhos
Educational Consultant at Generation Ready Inc.
New York City, New York

"Julian's knowledge and love for Rome and its history is outstanding"

Cristina Orsini
Co-founder, Director at Thraedable
London, United Kingdom

"We are back home after a fabulous trip and wanted to say thank you so much. It was wonderful. We will continue to refer!!!"

Jeremy Lowell
Dentist turned Fitness Facility Owner
Aspen, Colorado

"Thanks Julian

We appreciate you sharing some of the lesser known parts of Rome with us. We all felt it was a great break from the crowd and masses at the normal tourist spots.

I liked the Jewish Ghetto the best. I had no idea. I also appreciate how you engaged the kids. You had folks from 9 to 88 on the tour and all seemed happy that we did it..."

Brent Heilesen
Director and Shareholder Propel Insurance
Seattle, Washinton

"Michelle and I really enjoyed meeting both you and Camille! Also, thanks for sharing your great knowledge and cooking with us. I will send you some of the pictures of I have of you as soon as I get to them.

Take care and please let me know if you find yourself in the LA area…"

Timothy Somers
Investment Advisor Representative
Los Angeles, California

"Such a great afternoon! Best tour ever. We need to clone you for other cities :)"

Andrea Van Beurenour
Documentary Producer 
New York City, New York


You are amazing and we loved spending a few precious hours wth you. We can’t wait to tell all we know coming this way to seek a day with you. Thanks for the pleasure of your company and for sharing your most impressive knowledge.

Have a splendid summer,

Nancy Ameses
Founder/Creative Director Ward Ames Special Events, Inc.
Houston, Texas


Thank you for introducing our children to Rome. You were engaging, informative and patient for both adults and children.

We look forward to seeing you the next time we are in Rome and will certainly recommend you to friends. I just ordered your dad's book.


Heather and Cindy!"

Heather Georges and Cindy Ketchum
New York City, New York 

"Hi, Julian! Just wanted to thank you again. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. It was a group of many ages and there was a lot for everyone to learn and enjoy.

Much appreciated!"

Danny Ward
Houston, Texas

"I take a group of about 20 American college students to Rome each year. In 2016, Julian Epstein led a tour for our group that was unlike our previous tours. My students absolutely loved Julian because he was able to bring the ancient city to life in a way that was a new experience for them. That first tour went so well, I used Julian again in 2017. If you are looking for a special time, I highly recommend Julian Epstein."

J.L. "Bert" Morrow, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor at Birmingham-Southern College
Birmingham, Alabama

"Dear Alan, we left Rome with our sense of how the modern world unfolded, completely transformed by your deftly guided journey through the ages of that city on the hills. You did a marvelous job. My family was engaged, captivated, enthralled and educated in countless ways by your special sense of Rome and its place in the scheme of things. My children are still talking about it.There are so many things that they will never forget: Michangelo's Moses, Bernini's St.Teresa, the water fountains of the Virgin Aqueduct, and, of course, Rome's gelato emporiums. But I expect that our guided walk through time in the basements of the Basilica of St. Clemente will stay with them forever. In short, we were completely seduced by the city's beauty and charm, thanks to seeing it through your eyes. We do hope this was only the first of what will many visits to Rome. And we would certainly expect to take advantage again of your expertise when we do."

Robert Lee Hotz
Writer, The Los Angeles Times
New York Bureau, New York

"Alan, I am re-reading Pat Conroy's novel, Beach Music, and I have just finished the part in which the main character and his daughter are living in Rome in Piazza Farnese. I know that they will return to South Carolina, and I am saying to them "Don't do it - stay in Rome!" And thanks to you, that's how I felt when my wife and I reluctantly boarded our Delta Flight to return home last month. After our magical day with you, the sights and sounds of your Rome are as fresh in my mind as if I were still there. We especially appreciated the fact that you designed our time with you based on what we wanted to see and not on what a guidebook said we should see. You showed us parts of Rome that are off the beaten path and that we never would have seen without you. From our meeting in the market in the Campo dei Fiori through our ciaos at the wonderful ristorante you recommended, we truly saw Rome as the Romans do. This was the fifth time my wife and I had been to Rome, but your historical asides and insightful comments on contemporary life in Rome made us realize that we had never truly seen Rome until this trip. From each of the six of us who walked with you that day, mille grazie!"

Ron Barrett
Attorney at Law
Columbia, South Carolina

"Dear Alan, Thank you so much for your brilliant guidance in Rome. You are a 15 on a scale of 10. We had guides again in Florence, Venice and London, and none of them can hold a (Roman?) candle to you. We will recommend you without hesitation and hope to return to Rome for more great experiences in the future."

Katy & Bob Glass
Business people
San Francisco, California

"Alan, Wow! One 8 hour day with you in Rome did more to put history into a perspective that made it meaningful than all the classes I took in high school and college. Walking through the city with you, as you explained the cycles of life of the city fit together so many pieces of dry knowledge that had seemed meaningless before. When we went onward to Pompei, the Greek Isles, Ephesus, and Egypt afterward, the things that I saw had meaning largely because of what I learned from you.
I want to thank you for your wonderful day with us. I will tell anyone making this trip that they must begin by spending a day with you."

Gary, Sally, and Megan Fairman
Orange City, Florida

"Alan, a sincere thanks for the interesting tour of Rome. Having read your book, As the Romans Do, studied Rome several times when in grammar school, and heard so much about its special status from so many, who had previously visited, I had high expectations. I would say in retrospect, that these expectations were exceeded. I was quite impressed by the range of sites we visited, but even more impressed by your knowledge of the ancient culture and ability to explain how and why events or structures developed as they did. I am a naturally curious person, and love to engage in dialogue about history, politics, and cultures and found our exchanges very interesting. I was also impressed by all of the out of way, easy to overlook, sites and details you provided. The city is truly remarkable and combined with the life style, climate, and attitude of the Romans, I can see why you have found it so attractive. The weekend Isa and I spent in Rome was truly remarkable, and was one of the highlights of my adult life. Thank you again for helping to make it special."

Cliff Hund
American Businessman
London, England

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you again, Alan, for your tour of Rome. My entire family completely enjoyed every minute of it. It was the first time in a while that over dinner our conversation turned to the arts and the beauty that surrounded us. You were such an important part of that experience. I couldn't help but notice that you have made the city yours and more importantly that the city has made you hers. There has been a couple opportunities already that we have been able to highly recommend you to friends that are planning a trip to the Eternal City. We would also be interested in having you be our guide for a Vatican tour or other suggested places when we return in the Spring. Again thank you. You made our trip memorable and helped us to feel truly part of a great city."

Ken Tousignant
Manager GMAC Real Estate

"Alan, we can't thank you enough. We've done London and Paris on our own (pretty well, I must say) but this was the best. From breakfast at a local bar to the monuments to the behind the scenes nooks and crannies we were captivated by your knowledge and enthusiasm. My wife and I, our daughter and her friend were spellbound. You took us down small alleys and into courtyards filled with ancient statuary that we would never have found. We saw sites the bus tours miss and the tour guide books don't even mention. To go into so many churches and monuments and still keep the girl's attention is pretty amazing. You did it with your understanding of the art, architecture, politics of the time, and intrigue between the Popes and the artists that created Rome. Our time with you changed our future travel plans for the better. When you said you knew someone to show us Pompeii, you didn't say Judith was the best on the planet. How we envy you all. To talk money, your fees, a little daunting at first glance, were the best travel investment we ever made. You made every minute count three times over. We hope to see you again. On our trip home we decided to retire to Italy. Really!"

Calvin and Jamie Flowers
Clock Shop Owner & Elementary School Teacher
Memphis, Tennessee


"Tante Grazie, Alan. Well, Cyndy and I are back in New England and have finally settled back into our native time zone. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you again for a memorable day in Rome. It exceeded my expectations. Three things in particular struck me that cold/rainy day..... First, Rome really is an incredible place ---- although Cyndy and I put in another good three days after our time together, I still felt as if we'd only scratched the surface. Second, your passion and enthusiasm for this special place is so complete, so genuine and so contagious. Although I'm certain you've walked and talked through that route hundreds of times, we felt as though it were a first for you and us. Third, it was interesting to hear a "review" of the city and life in the city NOT from a native (as is many times the case with guided tours), but from a fellow American who has chosen to adopt Rome as his home. You were able to give us all the facts and figures that any native could, but also you were able to provide us with insights on Roman life from our own perspective as visitors from the states. Our only regret: That we didn't schedule an additional day with you during our stay. Oh well, we will be back and we will definitely be in touch when plans are in the works. Ciao."

John Bersani
Weston, Massachusett


"In 1998, Rome, Italy changed our 17-year-old daughter's life, thanks to our tour with Alan Epstein. It isn't easy to thrill three teenage girls, unless of course you are a teenage boy, but Alan's tour achieved the almost impossible. His astute observations and his infectious enthusiasm provided incredible insights about life in the Eternal City. A walk with Alan becomes a vehicle for understanding the complexities and beauty of Roman culture. His stories opened our daughters' eyes to a world brimming with pleasure and passion, unlike any they had seen before. Our oldest daughter, realizing that her world had the potential to expand beyond suburban Philadelphia, experienced an attitude change. She can't wait to embrace her life with open arms, "as the Romans do," eager to learn more about the world and continue on the journey she began with Alan. From the water fountains that we thought were broken fire hydrants, but that, in fact, are bubbling with the pure, potable water of the underground springs, to the ancient works of art tucked away on almost every street, Alan regaled us with fascinating stories and facts. Alan's help was invaluable, not just entertaining. From understanding why one should never sit down in certain coffee bars, to finding out where to eat like kings but pay like paupers, and even how to use the public bus system, Alan's tips helped us find our way effortlessly, even though we don't speak Italian. Without question, after 25 years of travel, this is the best trip we've ever taken. Don't miss Rome and don't go without Alan Epstein!"

Deborah Carroll
Author, How to Teach Your Child About Life
While Having A Life of Your Own
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


"Alan's depth of knowledge about Rome is surpassed only by his love for it. He was surely a Roman in a past life, for he took us back to Rome's classic era in remarkable detail. He knows extraordinary places not on the usual circuits, and tells fascinating stories with delightful animation and passion. By the end of the tour, you won't know whether you are more in love with Rome and the Italians, or with Alan himself. It will probably be some of each! I never want to visit Rome again without Alan by my side. I would be missing too much."

Susan Page
Author, If I'm So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single
Berkeley, California



"We arrived in Italy during a cold, wet April and attempted going it alone. After seven miserable days of feeling lost and lonely, we contacted Alan Epstein of As the Romans Do. His warmth and knowledge of Italy and what would make us happy helped us tremendously, not only did he find us the quintessential flat on a farm near Cortona, he changed our whole experience of Italy. When we arrived in Rome, we were greeted by a dynamic, intelligent, and caring person. Even the sun came out. We walked all over the city -- from sightseeing to shopping -- we did it all. My partner and I were like dependent puppies as we followed Alan all over Rome, not only gaining insights about Roman history and culinary feasts but being charmed by his storytelling and style. I look forward to joining him again soon for more adventures in Italy."

Rebecca Jones
Professional Singer
San Francisco Bay Area, California


"Alan's impeccable taste and attention to details put an elegant touch to a memorable experience for all sixty of us. The history, the culture, and the habits of the Romans intertwined in an enlightening and most original tour of the Eternal City. Some of the participants said it was the best time of their lives -- especially the mystical walk at night on the Appia Antica, the ride through the ancient center, the dinner accompanied by opera singers in a marvelous country-like-setting in the heart of the city"

Mourad Chaouch
European Sales Manager
Milan, Italy


"Alan, thanks so much for showing us Rome the way we never would have see it without you -- the neighborhoods, shops, monuments, and best of all the real character of the city. Clearly, it's a labor of love for you and it shines through in your presentation of the many anecdotes and long history of the city. It was a very special trip for us."

Steve Isaacs
President, Co-op Communications
San Rafael, California


"Alan, now that we are all back in our respective homes, I want to take one more minute just to say a big THANK YOU. The day we spent with you was the highlight of our trip, and that was a unanimous opinion. Jeff told us later that he had never taken a more enjoyable tour. Brandy loved Rome because of you. Mother was enthralled - and because of your knowledge, enthusiasm and kindness was actually able to complete this 5 mile marathon - not bad for an 86 year old. Tom and I had a great time - and because of you we will certainly be back to Rome. To sum up our experience, I repeat Brandy's comment during the day... the previous two days we saw Rome; the day spent with you we experienced Rome. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Ilene Adam
IBM Marketing Manager
Vienna, Austria


"Hi Alan: Just a note to let you know how much I loved Rome because you brought it all to life. I also admired the fact that you had the courage to live your dream and how happy you seem. Your enthusiasm was contagious. Thanks again - all my best - Lil"

Lil Sakol (86 years old)
Varitronic Systems
Minneapolis, Minnesota


"Caro Alan, con la presente voglio ancora una volta ringraziarti per la bellissima mattinata passata insieme per le vie di roma. Il tuo amore per Roma è contagioso e le tue conoscenze impressionanti, per non parlare delle tue grandi capacità di comunicazione (non è solo questione di cososcere bene la lingua, ma anche il modo in cui si modula la voce e soprattutto la mimica);insomma in poche parole sei bravissimo!!"

Antonio Barbieri
Concierge, Hotel de Russie
Rome, Italy



"We both wanted to thank you again for sharing your insight, knowledge, and love of Rome with us during our recent stay. From a personal standpoint, I wanted to experience Rome from a local's perspective. Coffee in the local "bars", walking your legs off, and being overwhelmed by the tastes and smells of Rome will be in my memory for years. I never realized how young the United States really is until I spent two days in Rome. Pat was equally happy to relive ancient Rome with a scholar and "Roman." For such a huge city, the people were not pushy or tense like you would think, but happy to go about their day. What a pleasure. I can see why you and your family fell in love with the city and the people. We hope to return some day after we retire from racing and really see Italy....with you as our tour guide of course."

Kathy Springer & Pat Patrick
Owners of Formula One Driving Team
Jackson, Michigan


"I had the pleasure of having Alan Epstein guide me through this magnificent city and I have been forever spoiled. How I enjoyed a visit to a neighborhood trattoria for an indescribable feast "as the Romans do" or a walk with him by my side describing how the old and new collide in this historic city. I won't return to Rome unless he is at my side. Not only is he fluent in the language, but Alan's ease with the idiomatic phrases, the Italian mystique, the culture, the monuments, the love of life is a once in a lifetime experience. In the comparatively few years he has lived in Rome, he is Roman. His book will make you wish you were there too. So go. But make sure you take him with you."

Frank Avruch
Television and Radio Personality
Boston, Massachusett

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