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Diane Epstein, M.A. is a photographer specialzing in Italy photographs and has lived in Rome since 1995. She assists individuals and groups with their creative pursuits, offering coaching, retreats and workshops in Italy, helping people to realize their dreams. She is often hired to do photography shoots in Italy including As the Romans Do Culinary Adventures, where she takes visitors to the outdoor markets, piazzas, and hidden treasures, bringing to life the culture of food, recording the experiences of those who have chosen to taste, feel, touch and see Rome as the Romans do. She was written up in the Bon Appetit May, 2005 issue as the best culinary excursions in Rome.

In 2005 Diane had several solo photography shows in Italy including exhibits at the Belgian Ambassador's Residence, John Cabot University and Il Chiostro Boccarini in Amelia,Umbria. In 2006 she exhibited her work at La Bottega del Caffe' and the American Academy in Rome.

A Note from the Photographer, Diane Epstein

"With my camera in tow I often leave my home without a destination. I wander over the stone bridges, through the narrow, crooked streets of Rome until I find myself in a magnificent piazza. While observing everything around me it is as though I have a sixth sense, a new perspective. I become aware of the flush in the woman's face as she hangs her laundry in the window sill above, the golden crack in the fresco wall, the shadow that reflects through the archway in the ancient courtyard, the light that illuminates the fabric on a street artist quietly entertaining people, or the bountiful fruit in the rickety, wooden stands that beg you to partake of its sweet, juicy pleasure.

I never thought I could live in a big, bustling city until I came to live in Rome. Perhaps it is the water that keeps me here. It continually flows over the weathered, naked stone, and reaches a part of me that at other times is inaccessible. The arching fountains suddenly appear out of nowhere, appeasing my thirst and filling my spirit. It is always the colors -- the burnt apricot, tangerine, corals, and saffrons against the azure sky -- that warm me, that keep me awake and satisfied.

Perhaps, above all, it is the romani. I am seduced by their charms --watching them in action, performing for one another: gesticulating madly with their hands, with their whole bodies, dressed to be noticed, often touching, in pairs or groups, rarely alone. And if one is da solo, he is talking on his telefonino, still gesturing as if he were walking side by side with a companion.

I am touched by the simple genius of a worn down mosaic floor or the texture and grandeur of the immense Roman columns. I am continually surprised by what I discover around every turn, and it is difficult to imagine ever running out of things to see and photograph in the Eternal City and it's splendid surroundings.

When I am overwhelmed by the chaos, the noise, and constant movement, I slip into a courtyard or back alley, or I escape to the sanctuary of my home, gather all the tasty vegetables, fruits and herbs I have collected on my journey, and prepare some colorful concoction. There is nothing like keeping up the Italian tradition of sitting down with la famiglia to a steaming plate of pasta and hearing all about everybody's day."

Diane Epstein plays a vital role in As the Romans Do. She often takes people on photography and Roman Holiday adventures, visiting the outdoor markets, piazzas, and hidden treasures, snapping away, recording the experiences of those who have chosen to see Rome As the Romans Do.

Let us know if you are interested in having Diane Epstein be your personal photographer while in Rome; or if you would like to have her take particular shots of favorite historical monutments or piazzas for your web-site, project or simply for personal pleasure.

Diane's latest fine art photography is available on her photo gallery in the link under her latest work.

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